Academia Bohemica

Academia Bohemica, o.p.s. is a Public Service Company founded in accordance with the law Nr. 248/1995 of the Collection of laws, about Public Service Companies. It was established in April 2006.

AB is a private school of philosophy. Its focus can be characterized by independence from contemporary mainstream ways of philosophy. Philosophical thinking does not come down to facts and phenomena, nor does it exhaust itself trying to interpret renown authorities. At the same time, contemporary normative views, methodical preferences and preferred positions are subjected to critical examination. Logical setting and thorough methodical doubts define the style of philosophy-in-practice, which is fostered by AB.

What are the goals of AB?

One of the major motives of action of AB is the strive to filling the gap created by one sided fixed university trends of today’s philosophy. We are convinced that contemporary philosophical thinking is in great crisis, which is not transient, since it is the result of the evolution of modern philosophy. The symptom of this crisis is the loss of main philosophical topics, to which the possible solutions are nevertheless an irreplaceable means of rational life orientation. We perceive the reason of this loss in catastrophic theory of modern age. The real nature of philosophical questions is actually non-empirical, metaphysical, while the position of modern gnoseology is radically against metaphysics.

Thus the main goal of AB’s activities is the rediscovery of the authentic philosophical thinking, which is basically metaphysical. Metaphysical are paradoxically also its negations. It is rather important to break the break the barriers of prejudices, which arose from insensible negation of metaphysical thinking. It is important to bring forth again the metaphysical problems, without which the philosophy fails not only in itself but also its main function in life: in the explanation of human life. That is where ideologies originate.

The didactic goal of AB is defined concisely: to create for the students and intellectual environment for critical work with philosophical problems. This includes also the mediation of a quality, which is based on independent thinking. The graduates are not than forced to be subject to a plethora of automated influences in the intellectual environment as common today.